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Ⅰ.核心学习:Let's Learn How to Find a Job! 找工作

Billy: How's business?


Michael: Better than usual. I have a few interviews this week.


Billy: What are we going to learn today?


Michael: This time we will learn more of the basic rules of interviewing for a job with a foreign company.


Michael: How does it handle?


Billy: I would love to get a good job at a foreign company. Tell me more. Go on...



1) Believes in UFOs :  think there are aliens from the stars


ex:My girlfriend believes in UFO and she thinks Elvis is alive in Beijing!


2) Best bet : the wisest choice


ex:Demi Moore is the best bet for a sexy dancer.


3) Delicate : something easily broken


ex:The vase is very delicate.


4) Entire (body) : the whole (body)


ex:After I work out, my entire body aches.


5) First Impression : how you feel about a person when you just meet them


ex:He gave me a good first impression. First impressions last forever.


6) Relevant : important now


ex:Pollution is a relevant topic all over China.



The single most important use of body language (speaking without words) in the interview is the handshake. In the West, it is customary to state your name as you shake the hand of the interviewer. How and how long you shake hands is very important as this polite touching of the hands is very important in the first impression. As you know, many people are judged by first impressions, so be sure to make a good one that shows you are hard working and professional. To do this you must pick a handshake that is also professional.


1. THE DEAD FISH HANDSHAKE: a very, very, very soft touch of the interviewer's hand. The DEAD FISH handshake shows fear and lack of confidence. This is NOT professional. In addition, it shows you are weak and not assertive. You must present yourself as an able worker who works well with others, so do NOT use the FISH handshake


2. THE ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER HANDSHAKE: a hard, hard squeeze of the interviewer's hand. The ARNOLD handshake shows that you are trying too hard to get the job. This is NOT professional. It also shows fear and is extremely unfriendly. It may even make the interviewer afraid or uncomfortable, in which case she/he will definitely say: "DON'T CALL US, WE'LL CALL YOU!" (this means they do NOT want you at their company).


3. THE PULL AND JERK HANDSHAKE: a yanking, or pulling of the interviewer's entire arm, moving their entire body. This is NOT professional. The PULL AND JERK handshake is made for when you see an old friend after a long time apart. Although it shows you are friendly, it expresses that you can not handle yourself in a business manner. It has NO place in the interview.


4. THE TWO-HANDED HANDSHAKE: when you use two hands to grab the interviewer's one hand. This is NOT professional. It is true that it shows kindness and affection, but it gives the feeling that you are taking care of the interviewer like a mother takes care of a baby. In China, the TWO-HANDED handshake is a very common between family members and friends, but it has NO place in the interview.


5. THE FAR AWAY HANDSHAKE: where you extend your arm out as far as you can to grab the interview's hand before he/she lifts it. This is not professional. The FAR AWAY handshake expresses that you are too anxious and afraid. By extending your arm out, you keep the interview away, making him/her think you do not like or trust them. Trust is important in a professional business.


6. THE LONG HOLD AND PUMP HANDSHAKE: When you hold the interviewer's hand for a long time, occasionally pumping or quickly squeezing the palm. This is NOT professional. These actions show that you are overly nervous. Being too nervous at an interview is a sign that you are not able to do the job. NEVER use the LONG HOLD AND PUMP handshake.

长时间地握手并伴以上下摇晃对方的手:握着面试人的手有 一会儿,并不时地上下摇晃或轻轻挤压对方的手掌。这样的做法也是不职业化的行为。这样的行为显示你过度紧张。在面试时显得过于紧张是一种你无法胜任此项工作的表示。永远也不要采用这样的握手方式。

7. THE PROFESSIONAL HANDSHAKE: where you shake the interviewer's hand firmly as you look him/her in the eye, while also stating your name proudly. Even women should have a firm, but not TOO firm handshake. This shows that you are serious and professional about your occupation. Take the interviewer's hand when it is extended to you. Leave your arm in an L (90 degree angle). Shake twice, firmly, then let the hand drop away. The PROFESSIONAL handshake will create a business atmosphere of trust and equality. Your confidence will show that you are able and willing to do any job. This is the best way to make a good first impression.